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Safe Toddler Groups In Cardiff East

Situated in Cardiff East, Red Balwn Coch offers an enriching environment for children through our exceptional toddler groups. Our nursery schools are open all year, providing consistent care and education. With spacious outdoor play areas and playgrounds, children can explore and engage in stimulating activities while enjoying fresh air and nature. As a private nursery, we prioritise the safety and well-being of every child entrusted to us. At Red Balwn Coch, we strive to create a nurturing setting where children thrive and develop to their fullest potential. Contact us for more information.

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At Red Balwn Coch, we provide a language-rich environment, and all our focused activities (in line with the Foundation Phase/Birth to Three) are planned according to the children's developmental stage. All our children participate in active learning experiences promoting the development of decision-making and problem-solving skills. Throughout the day, all age groups follow a set routine. Children undertake activities and fun time sessions such as messy play, sand and water play, arts and crafts, cooking, language and play, story and quiet time.

Two girls playing with soap bubbles in the garden area

Garden Area

We have a large garden area which is utilised by all of the children. There are two hard surface areas which are well equipped with a variety of wheeled toys and other play equipment. The children grow their own flowers and vegetables in low-level beds. We keep wet weather clothing and encourage families to keep Wellington boots in the nursery at all times so that outdoor play can occur with the children daily.

Children spend time outside every day unless the weather makes this impossible.

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At Red Balwn Coch we acknowledge that early food experiences can set patterns for life. The importance of giving children health-building delicious and high-quality food is prioritised, and every effort is made to ensure that, in line with our child-centred atmosphere, mealtimes are designed as another enjoyable event in the children’s day. All children are involved in menu preparation, helping to prepare food, and having opportunities to cook. Our older children are encouraged to participate in serving themselves to promote choice and independence.


Within Red Balwn Coch, we obtain the views of children prior to preparing a menu. Then, it is the cook's responsibility to create the menu using the children's views and ensure that it conforms with the nutritional guidelines. Our qualified cook is responsible for preparing well-balanced, nutritious menus across the nursery, ensuring that nursery meals provided meet each child's dietary needs and preferences.


We are pleased to have gained the 5* Food Hygiene Rating in September 2016 as well as the Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award PLUS in March 2016!

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Our Community Board

As a setting, we are really proud to support national and local charities. Since the Nursery opened back in 2003, we have supported and fundraised for hundreds of charities; however, below, we have included the most recent:


Ein Bwrdd Cymunedol

Fel lleoliad rydym yn falch iawn o gefnogi elusennau cenedlaethol a lleol. Ers i'r Feithrinfa agor yn ôl yn 2003 rydym wedi cefnogi a chodi arian ar gyfer cannoedd o elusennau, fodd bynnag, rydym wedi cynnwys y diweddaraf:


Due to high demand, all groups within Red Balwn Coch will be bilingual; there will be both English and Welsh-speaking practitioners in each group. We will ensure that activities and daily routines are carried out/delivered in both languages. All staff have been made aware of the requirement to respect language choice or, if necessary, correspond bilingually.

Each staff member has a responsibility for implementing the Welsh language standards; this includes staff members who are not Welsh speakers themselves. At Red Balwn Coch, we do respect language choice however, we do provide basic Welsh to English-speaking children also.


Oherwydd y galw uchel bydd pob grp o fewn Red Balwn Coch yn ddwyieithog, bydd yna ymarferwyr Cymraeg a Saesneg ym mhob grp. Byddwn yn sicrhau bod gweithgareddau a threfniadau dyddiol yn cael eu cynnal / eu cyflwyno drwy'r ddwy iaith. Gwnaed yr holl staff yn ymwybodol o'r gofyniad i barchu dewis iaith neu, os oes angen, gohebu'n ddwyieithog.

Mae gan bob aelod o staff gyfrifoldeb am weithredu'r safonau Cymraeg, mae hyn yn cynnwys aelodau staff nad ydynt yn siaradwyr Cymraeg eu hunain. Yn Red Balwn Coch, rydym yn parchu dewis iaith, fodd bynnag, rydym yn darparu plant Cymraeg sylfaenol i Saesneg hefyd.

Gryffalo :

6 weeks - 2 years

6 wythnos - 2 blwydd


2 - 3 years
2 - 3 blwydd

Sali Mali:

3- 5.5 years
3-5.5 blwydd


During term time our additional playroom (portocabin located outside the main building) caters for up to 14 children between the ages of 3 and 5.5 years. Here, the playroom is open plan, incorporating quiet areas, a computer desk, a home corner, a craft and drawing area, wet/messy play, eating and space for general play and construction.


During the School Holidays and on Inset Days we cater for up to 14 children between the ages of 5-8 years old within our additional playroom (portocabin located outside of the main building). The playroom is open-plan, incorporating a wide range of activities for all children. This group has access to a separate garden specifically for these children.


Yn ystod y tymor, mae ein hystafell chwarae ychwanegol (portocabin sydd y tu allan i'r prif adeilad) yn darparu ar gyfer hyd at 14 o blant rhwng 3 a 5.5 oed. Yma mae'r ystafell chwarae yn gynllun agored, gan gynnwys ardaloedd tawel, desg gyfrifiadur, cornel cartref, crefft a darlun, chwarae gwlyb / llawen, bwyta a gofod ar gyfer chwarae ac adeiladu cyffredinol.


Yn ystod Gwyliau'r Ysgol ac ar Ddiwrnodau Mewnosod rydym yn darparu ar gyfer hyd at 14 o blant rhwng 5 a 8 oed yn ein hystafell chwarae ychwanegol (portocabin a leolir y tu allan i'r prif adeilad). Mae'r ystafell chwarae yn gynllun agored sy'n ymgorffori ystod eang o weithgareddau ar gyfer yr holl blant. Mae gan y grp hwn fynediad i ardd ar wahân yn benodol ar gyfer y plant hyn.

Discover Our Toddler Groups. Call On 029 2073 3829 To Find Out More.

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