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Meithrinfa Ddydd Broffesiynol Yn Nwyrain Caerdydd

Professional Day Nursery In Cardiff East

About Us

Located in Cardiff East, Red Balwn Coch is a 51-place bilingual day nursery offering a unique experience in preschool education and day care for boys and girls. In all groups, we provide a language-rich environment and opportunities to use language, interact, share a focus, talk, take turns, and develop positive relationships with others.


The Welsh language is integrated into all activities, whether they are planned, structured, or child-initiated. We prioritise creating a language-rich environment with a range of stimuli that encourage children to communicate in Welsh. Activities such as discussions, story times, songs, and rhymes, as well as the use of ICT interactive software and audio-visual materials, further promote the children’s Welsh language development in our Welsh nurseries. At Red Balwn Coch, we strongly emphasise Welsh language development and ensure that at least 75% of our staff are fluent Welsh speakers.

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Iaith Cymraeg

Mae Red Balwn Coch yn feithrinfa ddwyieithog. Ym mhob grp, rydym yn darparu amgylchedd cyfoethog a chyfleoedd i ddefnyddio iaith, i ryngweithio, i rannu ffocws, i siarad, cymryd tro ac i ddatblygu perthynas gadarnhaol ag eraill.


Datblygir yr iaith Gymraeg trwy gydol y gweithgareddau p'un a ydynt yn cael eu cynllunio, eu strwythuro, eu plant yn cael eu cychwyn, ac ati. Mae'n bwysig darparu amgylchedd cyfoethogi iaith gydag ystod o symbyliadau a fydd yn annog plant i gyfathrebu yn Gymraeg hyd eithaf eu gallu. Bydd gweithgareddau fel trafodaethau, amserau stori, caneuon a rhigymau yn ogystal â defnyddio meddalwedd rhyngweithiol a deunyddiau clyweled TGCh hefyd yn hyrwyddo datblygiad iaith Gymraeg y plant ymhellach.

Services We Offer

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Educational Psychology Consultation

Our educational psychology consultation services provide comprehensive assessments, interventions, and support for children facing developmental, learning, or behavioural challenges. Our team of experienced psychologists offers tailored strategies to optimise learning and well-being.

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Nursery And Childcare Services

Our nursery and childcare services offer a secure, nurturing environment for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. With a focus on holistic development, we provide age-appropriate activities, nutritious meals, and attentive care to support each child's growth and learning journey.

Why Choose Red Balwn Coch

Located in Llanedeyrn, Cardiff, Red Balwn Coch is a 51-place bilingual day nursery offering a unique experience in preschool education and day care for boys and girls between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years. We have two bilingual rooms and two dedicated Welsh medium rooms. Red Balwn Coch is also inspected annually by the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW). Red Balwn Coch guarantees a fully qualified professional service backed by years of experience in early childhood education. 

Pam dewis Meithrinfa Red Balwn Coch?

Wedi'i leoli yn Llanedeyrn, Caerdydd, mae Red Balwn Coch yn feithrinfa ddydd ddwyieithog 51 lle sy'n cynnig profiad unigryw mewn addysg cyn-ysgol a gofal dydd i fechgyn a merched rhwng 6 wythnos a 5 mlynedd. Mae gennym ddwy ystafell ddwyieithog a dwy ystafell gyfrwng Cymraeg penodol. Mae Red Balwn Coch yn cael eu harolygu bob blwyddyn gan Arolygiaeth Gofal Cymru (CIW).

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What Our Customers Say

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"Our son has been going to the nursery for just over 5 months, and he absolutely loves the nursery, activities and staff! All the staff are very friendly and if we have any questions or concerns they always put 100% in to dealing with them. We feel very comfortable leaving our son in their care. Keep up the good work, girls!"

-  Alfie’s dad

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Circle Way East, Llanedeyrn, 

Cardiff, CF23 9PZ

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